Friday, May 26, 2006

Hastert Makes the First Move

Dennis Hastert's out spoken comments may be the first move in winning the November 2006 elections. Dennis Hastert and Nancy Pelosi held a rare joint press conference condemning the Justice Department's raid on William Jefferson's congressional office. Although both Pelosi and Hastert are speaking out against the Justice Department's actions under the guise of separation of powers it would be foolish to accept this rationale as the primary motivation factor. The media attention that Hastert is drawing to this issue will prove to be another step in the continuing demise of the Democratic Party. Hastert's position on this issue is a win win situation. Not only does he continue to bring attention to an issue that clearly clouds the Democratic Party but he can stand hand in hand with the Democrats in fighting the Administration. Hastert is establishing the position on which the Republicans will run this coming November. One which can firmly condemn the Democrats while simultaneously separating themselves from the Administration. Let us not think we have a friend in this long time foe. Democrats should not be holding the hand of Hastert on a losing issue when he will barley stand in the same room on issues that matter. It is time to think before every action. Walking silently will no longer speak louder than the noise made by the Republicans' stumbling and having stumbling Republicans hold the Democrats up questins whether the Democrats can stand on their own two feet.

Friday, December 16, 2005

What right Do You Have?

I ask this question because often I wonder. What right do I have to interfere with another's right. What constitutes a right. Yes I know....The Constitution and the interpretation of the Constitution. But really can we honestly leave everything up to the constitution. Even for you strict constructionists or originalists out there...You know that is B.S. The fact is that the constitution has grown and evolved so much that one can not tell me that it is our only answer for every right. What governs your right to pollute the air? Is that your right to liberty or my right to life? My right to life and your right to liberty better figure a way to coexist our your liberty will be stripped at the expense of my life. No longer can we sit idly by as our world is shaped by those who make profit at the expense of our lives.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


To think about perspective and pretend as if you really know. It is hard to even imagine your own perspective. Stripped of what you are supposed to believe. Stripped of blonde hair and blue eyes. Stripped of peanuts at a baseball game. Stripped of college or school or form. Stripped of the beliefs packaged everyday to give us our daily dose. Can you really imagine a perspective stripped of everything you know. And then to think that I can see your perspective. The arrogance is putrid. The ignorance is rampant. And the lights are out.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Just a test

Greetings to a world connected by an unimaginable network of non-existent wires.